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Paolo Hewitt – Born 1958 – 27 books published – first ten years of life absolute horror-show – written for numerous publications – taken away from natural mother and placed with woman who makes Maggie Thatcher look like Mary Poppins – next ten years a lot better as lived in a children’s home for eight of them – very valuable lessons learnt in Home –obsessed as a child and teenager with books, music and football – loyalty and non-discrimination were the big things I took from my children’s home – these days the books and football survive and scriptwriting takes over from music – got invited to Downing Street once – at 14 wanted to join the NME – at 24 got to do so – Hurrah? Not really. As discovered later the external can never heal the internal – spiritual life can though – big admirer of Emmet Fox and Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy – supports Spurs – explains need for spiritual sustenance –scored a goal at the new Wembley – truly – loves his children big time – met the Holy Trinity – Marvin, Smokey and…Stevie….soul music all the way – de Niro all the way – Italian Americans all the way – this needs to be said still loves writing – still loves writing – and again – still loves writing. X